Several of our members ride Audax. These rides are arranged informally via our Facebook page and / or the calendar app which is made available on joining us.

What is Audax?
Audax is a cycling sport whereby the entrants cycle long distances within a set time. They are not races & the time limits are quite relaxed on shorter versions. Audax generally follows the following distances : 100km/200km/300km/400km & 600km, there are longer events like Paris-Brest-Paris (1200km in 90hrs) & London-Edinburgh-London (1400km in 116hrs).Routes are created for cyclists by experienced cyclists and tend to follow quiet scenic country roads. The main theme of Audax is self-sufficiency, you are given a route map and a GPX file which you follow. Each rider carries a ‘brevet card’ which is stamped at intermediate checkpoints and at the finish, and which is later returned to the rider as a certificate of their achievement. On return to the HQ the rider hands the Brevet card to the oragniser who ratifies your progress.

Entering an Audax
Entry to Audax is via the Audax UK website :
You do not have to be a member of Audax UK but you will pay an on-the-day insurance of £2 if you are not, even so Audax is very cheap with 100-200Km events typically £5 or £6.
Longer Audax events at 600K are only typically £10 (and some include a stay over in this)

Brevet card :
A card carried by the entrant to be stamped or answer questions according to instructions on the route/cue sheet

brevetAA Points : Altitude award points. Next to many Audax events there may be a reference e.g. AA1.75, this means you will climb at least 1750m during this ride. A lot of Audax rides are hilly & there are AAA points & awards for seaking out the hilly rides.

GPX : Files of the route supplied to put into your Garmin et Al for following the route electronically.

Route/Cue sheet : A written instruction of the route which also contains information of café stops/information controls. These are always in Km. And generally secured on a bar bag or handlebars.


Perms : Along with calendar events you can also ride the ‘Permanent’ version. These can be cycled any date you want except for on the calendar date. Perms are usually only £2 and can be bought from the organiser.

Audax is one of the most social ways of riding and the event generally finishes with a pile of cake. We are very lucky to live very close to some of the best Audax routes in the country, in fact one organiser is a Stockport Tri club member.