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Stockport Triathlon Membership 

Annual Membership costs £30.00 from January 2019 to March 2020 and includes membership of England Athletics which allows members to race in the Cross Country league and attend sessions with Bramhall Runners.

If you are a member of a running/athletic club and are already an England Athletic member, the yearly membership fee is £15.00

To reflect the additional effort involved, new members, or renewals that are late, have a total cost of £35.

Membership Fees for 2019 Season
New Members and Late Renewals Renewals paid by 1stApril.
STC Membership Fee £20 £15
EA Affiliation (First Claim only) £15 £15
Total £35 £30

After 3 swim sessions, we ask you to join the club.

On joining, members agree to the club Terms and Conditions and must adhere to general Club Rules found here and Club Health and Safety procedures found here.  We also ask our members to volunteer to marshal at least one of our events during the year.

Please complete the application form below and email to

Stockport Tri Club membership application 2019

To get insurance (including insurance when cycling), and money off races you will also need to join Triathlon England. As a member of Stockport Tri Club you will be entitled to an £11 discount on the membership fee. Please use this link and the club will also receive £5 per member.

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